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Nahi dekhne ka matlab yah nahi ki ham sabhi baato par viswas kar le. Jo ki tarkpurn hai unhi par viswas kiya ja sakata hai. Mana ki khuda hai. Agar wo itana bada jo puri duniya ko bana sakta hai aur bahut nek, dayalu bhi hai to wo choti-choti baato jaise chote masum logo dwara apni pooja na hone par unhe narak me tarah tarah ki yatnaye nahi dega. Aur itne chote dil ka nahi ho sakta hai. Ye Galat hai.

I just study the short article higher than . I'm speechless to discover the efficacy with which an individual can convert a blind eye to these obvious truth.

oh yeah and dont forget about to give a reference for where by vedas communicate about muhammed and avatarism you should.

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four. He might not be certain in regards to the existence of God, Soul, rebirth, final result for perform offered by God and so forth. These subject areas are extremely deep and want Substantially hard work to be aware of the god and his Qualities.

Islam usually have confidence in a single god it can be just one faith on this planet who have confidence in a person god not a lot of like agneever from Allah is one and only he has no notion types and Mohammed is messenger of Allah Islam is believe in these thought Allah is god so how Islam believe that quite a few god in Quran any exactly where not pointed out to worship to Mohammed noticed generally mentioned He's a messenger of almighty Allah for exhibit the light of peace and truth of the matter to the individual

John Abraham as Armaan Malik, A intelligent businessman who tries to acquire casinos. Nonetheless, he also attempts employing Ranvir being a pawn to become even richer and eliminate him just after realizing that he's Sonia's partner.

I born inside a Muslim household. I’m taught my religion will be the correct a person. I listen to the lecture of my teachers, the best way they reveal each and every issue, I discover This can be the accurate faith whilst anti Islamic Web sites make one-sided arguments, they suits all the things into their own personal signify.

particular person has electricity to pick, but considering the fact that God designed time and Place he is familiar with upfront what's going to take place.This doesn't suggest that He forces factors to occur the way they materialize in the region of human beings’voluntary steps. It ensures that He realized what they may get more info selected, wrote it and Permit it take place.

Expensive AD, you had been going to give me your proof I do think you forgot You were claiming I’ll transform hahah lol

Steven J Rosen writes within the Reincarnation Controversy, Uncovering the Truth in World Religions (New Age Guides) that belief in reincarnation enables us to check out ourselves as architects of our very own potential. Rosen raises specific queries,‘ exactly what is it that reincarnates from a person overall body to another? Can it be the soul? the brain? the intellect? To comprehend this we should counsel reply to these queries. We all know that there are 4 fundamental forces in the universe viz., gravitation pressure, electromagnetic power, weak nuclear drive and robust nuclear pressure.

By the way these well-set up details get rid of The theory so greatly fostered in Christian writings that the Muslims, wherever they went, pressured people to just accept Islam at The purpose on the sword.

Religion is to give peace and happiness on the humankind. Any Component of a religion which divides individuals in believers and non believers and instructions punishment to non believers basicaly defeats the extremely purpose of religion.

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